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Multi Currency Online Accounting Software - Ireland - exchange rates updated hourly

Multi-Currency. On the money

Xero automatically does foreign currency conversions for you. No other small business solution can match the simplicity and precision that Xero gives you.

  • Exchange rates for over 160 currencies, updated every hour from XE.com
  • Real-time currency conversions
  • Manage foreign currency invoices
  • Reconcile foreign currency bank accounts
  • Gains and losses calculated automatically
  • All reports are re-valued with currency conversions

Instant and precise

If you do international business, it's extremely important to know how exchange rates effect your cashflow.

Normally, calculating foreign currency gains and losses is very difficult and time consuming.

Now with Xero, foreign currency conversions are done for you automatically in real-time, so you know exactly how much money you're gaining or losing on all your international transactions.

Dare to compare

Other systems claim to do multi-currency, but they don't actually show you how exchange rates are effecting your cashflow. They don't convert all your transactions into your native currency, in real-time, based on the most current exchange rate.

Plus, other systems don't calculate the currency gains and losses - which do change frequently and dramatically - in real-time, based on the most current exchange rates.

Let Xero do the foreign currency conversions for you.

Automatically. In real-time. Based on the most current exchange rates.

"Multi-currency in Xero is the most flexible and comprehensive solution I've ever seen. And I've seen them all, from simple accounting systems to the big ERP solutions. This is a well thought out solution for both accountants and users. The irony is that most people won¹t recognize the effort that has gone into getting this right unless they have experienced some of the truly awful alternatives."

Stephen Nicholas, Openside

Our Mission at Ogogo

At Ogogo our mission is to provide small and medium businesses in Ireland with simple to use, affordable and robust technology solutions to everyday business problems.

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